Kint & Sencia Brasil, the harmony of two words forming one: quintessência, or quintessence in Portuguese, the native language of hair miracles: Brazilian straightening and hair care.
The K&S logo actually represents the initials of “Kératine” and “Soin”, these words sound so soft to the scale of our hair.

Indeed, wears its URL like a glove because on this site you will find all the quintessence of Brazil and what it does best in hair care products based on Keratin. is a real value-added distributor that makes it a point of honour to rigorously select, support and certify hair salons that share its love of the profession that it will choose to call partners.

In 2015, a Brazilian Adriano Do Nascimento Silva (a Brazilian hair care professional for more than 15 years) and a French Vincent Martin (a business development professional for more than 20 years) joined forces to build the "AnS Brasil Institute" hair care institute in Paris in the 9th district.

It is in the warm and friendly but no less professional atmosphere of this salon that the idea of the website emerges.

It is thanks to the quality of the services, the know-how, the reputation and the passion for the profession that Adriano NS brought back to the other side of the Atlantic that he decided to develop his own range of Brazilian hair care products under his initials: AnS Brasil. A brand with products created, tested and approved by Adriano NS itself, but also labelled according to the EU 1223/2009, Health Canada and USA standards. This very thorough control of the products we sell will allow you to ensure a real quality of service to your customers.

In 2018, a second hair care institute will be opened: the "AnS Brasil Showroom" in Paris in the 8th arrondissement where Brazilian atmosphere and French luxury are mixed. The Showroom is a Brazilian hair care institute but also an approved training centre where professionalism and meticulousness prevail during the training days reserved for hairdressing professionals. You too, embark on the adventure of Brazilian hair care and join the great family of K&S Brasil partners!

“Veja que loucura !”



  • Our promise: We will communicate our love of the profession to you during a training session so that it will permeate your hearts and inspire you with the desire to become a true professional in Brazilian hair care techniques AND we will accompany you throughout our partnership.
  • Our objective: Thanks to the quality of our products and the enthusiasm with which you will nourish your services, we will make your salon an essential institute in Brazilian hair care.
  • Our desire: To enlarge the Kint & Sencia Brasil family with professional members who share our love of the profession and trustworthy people, like you!